My love and passion for serving has been ingrained in me from early childhood, through the remarkable example set by my parents, who embraced all loved selflessly and lived with great humility. Today, I reminisce with profound gratitude and appreciation of how our small township matchbox home in Mufakose Zimbabwe, was not only home to my four siblings and I but also to six of my cousins who sadly lost their mother at a young age and came to live with us. Despite our large numbers against a single income of my father, we were well taken care of, sent to school, fed, clothed and loved. It is these humble learnings I treasure from my parents and want to sow into my sphere of influence, that LOVE has the power to ignite positive change in our communities and the world at large. Other humanitarian activities I am involved in include women empowerment programs, as well as substance abuse counselling. Being a Rotarian is my happy place, where I meet and engage with like- minded people with a will power to be world changers. I look forward to what the year has in store as we take on to Create Hope In the World!  

I joined Rotary in 2012 when I retired, as I wanted to be productively involved in the community. My background had included several different fields – a legal secretary, journalist, public relations officer and teaching, so I felt my skills and experience could be useful.

Rotary has benefited me in many ways – especially the fellowship and the stimulating experience of meeting a variety of different people and the satisfaction of witnessing peoples’ empowerment and the success of sustainable projects.

I am a dedicated tuberculosis public health practitioner with over thirty  years’ experience in all aspects of tuberculosis control. I  hold an MBChB and MPH from the University of Zimbabwe. I have worked for WHO, The International Union against TB and Lung diseases, KNCV TB foundation and CDC providing technical assistance in Sub Saharan Africa and Asia. Have worked with the South African department of health TB unit since 2016 as M&E advisor for the Tuberculosis South Africa Project and as TB technical advisor for THINK and Anova Health  Institute. I enjoy building capacity for TB control and works with disadvantaged communities as a Rotarian. Joined Roary in 2011 and am PP for Borrowdale Brook Rotary club and Pretoria Sunrise club. I have enjoyed the fellowship that Rotarians enjoy while assisting the disadvantaged in our society. 

My love for serving has caused this union with Rotary which includes bringing in expertise and my time to the club. I also joined the club to be a part of the community as Rotary is a club, which includes serving and fellowship. My background includes Architecture and Town Planning which has enabled me to work with the public. I think my new role as Public Relations Officer will propel me and the club to new horizons. I think Rotary should foster uplifting of the youth, promote diversity by involving communities in cultural activities, get people active and help alleviate poverty. I am also ready to take on many roles throughout my lifetime in Rotary, my previous role was that of a secretary, which was a perfect introduction to learning the ropes of the club. It is an exciting club, and I would encourage everyone to join a Rotary club.

I joined Rotary because Rotary understands the constraints of objective reality. In a world awash with abstractions, Rotary makes a difference by focusing on what needs to be done in the world as we find it.  Over the years, Rotary has been generous in giving me many opportunities to understand – and experience – the enlightening ideals of service. My academic CV lists my publications and summarizes my years as a lecturer, professor, and Departmental head. My Rotary CV tells a story of practical engagement and genuine fellowship: assisting with prosthetics for landmine amputees in Vilanculos, repainting a nursery school in Pretoria, unloading wheelchairs, raising funds for blankets, participating in a humanitarian mission to Maputo, supporting the Youth Exchange programme, assisting with a water reticulation project and the reconnection of ablution facilities at a High School in Pretoria. These – and other –  experiences have been both formative and enduring, and attest, unequivocally, to the meaning and significance of being a Rotarian. 

As a child who grew up in rural Bronkhorspruit, South Africa, who then lived in a township in the East Rand and now resides in suburbs of Pretoria East, one thing I have seen throughout is that no matter where you come from you need a good support system full of love and care. That very reason inspired me to also help my community, to give back that which is priceless like time, love and kindness. It inspires my love for youth and youth development which also led me to open an ECD center where we take care of children and empower them to be well equipped in beginning their school careers. My work entails nurturing children to help them discover their talents but also to have a great future and that is my passion, my passion is youth development. Growing up in a big family of more than 10 siblings meant that we received love and care in abundance and that is what I want to share as part of the Rotary Club. I want to inspire, guide and help those in need. I can easily make friends and those who are my friends can depend on me. I want to help communicate culture, instill values and create a wonderful working environment for all participants.

I started my teaching career in 1956 as Latin and English teacher at Milner Group 2 School. Enlim joined me there after we were married in 1956. In 1958 the senior grades split from the primary school to move into a new building to become Milner High School in Klerksdorp. My promotions came quickly and I became Headmaster in 1969.I was promoted to Inspector of Education responsible for English Second Language. My next promotion was Academic Head in charge the teaching of all anguishes, English First Language and Afrikaans excepted. My last promotion was Head of Communication Services, one of twenty most important positions in the Transvaal Education Department. I have six degrees behind my name one of them being a D Ed. When the Government changed to the Tricameral Parliament, the five Provincial Education Departments were taken over to become a Department of Education and Culture of The House of Assembly. I was moved from the TED and appointed to a post of Information. It was not a promotion and my career in education was capped because of my politics which was not looked upon by the Broederbond with approval. However, I had the privilege of doing some tasks for President F W de Klerk and to accompany a delegation from Taiwan, the Minister of Culture and his Entourage, to visit important places of Culture in South Africa; the Voortrekker Monument being one of them. As far as Rotary is concerned, I could not join the club in Klerksdorp as it was a midday club that prevented me from joining. I always felt that in some way I must do something to give back to the country to compensate in small for all the privileges I enjoyed. I joined the Lions that allowed me to do some good in a small way. I am still a Lion at Large. When Enlim and I moved to Pretoria, I was invited to join the Rotary Club of Silverton in 1997 where I met Bebe. It was a midday club that eventually became the Rotary Club of Pretoria Sunrise. In my second year at Silverton. I became a member of the Rotary Foundation where I served in all the different capacities. I became District Government for 9250 in 2006/7. I still enjoy the fellowship of Rotary and will go on doing so until I pass on to happy acres. At 90 I shall Play on and Play The Game!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother, wife, a dedicated, organized, and methodical person. I have good interpersonal skills. High school teacher with vast experience in working with learners from different settings/backgrounds and cultures. I worked in rural communities in Zimbabwe, promoting women and children’s health for several years. I am also involved in church activities involving women, and I am keen and very willing to learn and develop new skills. I am a reliable and dependable individual.